Vancouver Startups List

Map of the local innovation industry.
Meet some of the best and newest startups based in Vancouver.

We have ambitious plans for 2015

In 2014, we created a comprehensive directory of Vancouver startups and quickly became a crucial part of the ecosystem.
We will an entirely new product in selected cities and we will build thriving startup hubs. We'd love to work with you on our main projects.

Draw a definitive map

(- Provide the definitive and most comprehensive guide to the industry) - Extend our editor network - Build new tools and create comprehensive content, for everyone involved in the startup industry. - Research and analyze more markets

Connect key players

Create more connections within the industry - Jobs, services providers, entrepreneur ressources - Locally sourced and curated entrepreneurial events and resources like accellerators, co-working spaces, and more.

Energize Vancouver

Actively support and promote the Vancouver startup community. - fund local meetups groups - International visibility to local startups. - impact: facilitate job creation, create new companies, invigorate existing ones. - attract foreign capital and talent

Get involved

We are currently looking for sponsors, key partners, editors and other startups lovers. Get in touch!

for sponsors that'll help invigorate the local efforts. Help everyone involved with the industry and invigorate the Vancouver scene.

Get involved

We are currently looking for key partners, local sponsors, editors, ambassadors and other startups lovers. Drop us a line today to get the ball rolling.

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