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Map of the local innovation industry.
Meet some of the best and newest startups based in Vancouver.

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ID 49

Boris Wertz


Entrepreneur turned investor. Co-founder AbeBooks (sold to Amazon), early-stage investor through @versiononevc, board partner @a16z. Husband and dad of 3.

ID 16400

Roham Gharegozlou


Playmaker @axiom-zen (we're hiring!). Investor/advisor to awesome startups, ex-VC, relentless optimist. Developers: check out @zenhub and @routific

ID 210503

Gary Yurkovich


Founder @espresso-capital • Worked at @creo, @digital-equipment-corporation, Invested @brightside-technologies, @wolf Medical, @Clevest, @version-one-ventures

ID 8661

Ryan Holmes


CEO @hootsuite, Founder @invoke. I surf, paraglide, rock climb, am learning to walk on hands and addicted to yoga.

ID 1204

JS Cournoyer


Partner at @real-ventures Entrepreneur angel investor husband father of 5 hockey player

ID 35137

Dario Meli


co-founder @quietly @hootsuite @invoke @brightkit i'm sparkly, very sparkly.

ID 903

Jason Bailey


Founder @super-rewards-1, acquired by AdKnowledge. Founder @growlab-1 Accelerator, Founder and CEO at Eastside Games. Investor in many.

ID 1504

Paul DeJoe

Founder @ecquire. EIR @Fairbridge. Thiel Foundation Mentor. Accounting & Investment Mgmt Masters from Drexel. Former Pro Hockey Player. Tweeted by Ivanka Trump

ID 34203

Ray Walia


Co-Founder & Executive Director of Launch Academy, Co-Founder at LX Ventures Inc., Former Executive Director at Metabridge. Certified Professional Accountant

ID 75848

Alexandra T. Greenhill

CEO co-founder @mybesthelper, disruptive family tech. Award winning physician leader 15+ yrs experience, last led $108M health IT project. Top 40 under 40.

ID 96216

Jeremy Baker (Hubert)

Co-Founder of @mightyhive, @SupporterWall, and others. First startup in 2000. @yahoo alum. Early-stage advisor. Developer. Husband. Makes impossible possible.

ID 82251

Timothy Mohn


Entrepreneur. Advisor. Angel Investor. Computer/Data Scientist. MS @new-york-university, @HBOGO, Comcast, @fullscreen @datasimple

ID 184947

J Walter

Systems Architect, Big Scale, VoIP, and Development Process Developer. As in built 25,000 user national VoIP provider's infrastructure and scaled it to 200,000.

ID 23373

Shaherose Charania

Founder & CEO @women-2-0 • Worked at @ribbit, @jajah

ID 167770

Andrew Wright


Worked at @apple, @microsoft • Investor @leanplum, @pinnatta • Studied at @queen-s-university

ID 74069

Mike Macadaan

Partner at @science Studio. Specialize in User Experience, Design, Brand and Identity. Product and UX Advisor, Co-Founder @urbandig, Founder @twiistup

ID 6409

Debbie Landa


CEO/Founder of @dealmaker-media, creators of and Co-founder of @growlab, an early stage accelerator based in Vancouver and SF.

ID 3516

Mike Edwards


CEO @lx-ventures-inc-1 Founding Partner @initio-group.

ID 165302

Qaid Damji

Founder @lighthouse-labs-1 • Worked at @accenture • Studied at @university-of-western-ontario and @richard-ivey-school-of-business

ID 47266

Matt Mickiewicz

Co-Founder @hired @99designs, @sitepoint, @flippa. Forbes 30 under 30 & Inc 30 under 30.

ID 8682

Michael Tippett


Founder @nowpublic-com, @webpool • Worked at @register-com, @growlabs, @afternic-com • Studied at @queen-s-university

ID 4972

Bernd Petak

Consultant. Investment Professional. Advisor. Mentor. Opportunities Evaluated, Innovation Managed, Problems Solved, Ideas Developed Into Businesses.

ID 9409

Raul Vejar


EVP and COO of BusinessObjects, at SAP EVP Corporate Strategy at SAP President SAP Latin America President SAP Mexico

ID 12021

Boris Mann

Founder: @bryght, first commercial business focused on Drupal; @bootup-labs, first Canadian seed accelerator. Now: napkin capital @fullstackventures

ID 9934

John Stokes


Co-Founder of early stage VC, @real-ventures (Montreal, Canada) and an investor in the FounderFuel Accelerator.

ID 135500

Esteban Contreras

Director of Strategy @sprinklr. Former @samsung-electronics Social Media Manager. Founder: Social Nerdia Consulting. Author: Social State.

ID 183625

Jordan Husney

Strategy Director at Undercurrent. Providing digital strategic advisement for C-Suites at Fortune 100 firms and young startups. Connect device expert.

ID 342620

Scott Rodie


Financial services professional

ID 34659

Dennis Pilarinos

Entrepreneurial, technical, product guy. Ex-Microsoft. Founded/built Azure platform. Focused on solving business problems for revenue.

ID 197826

David W. Rowat


Worked for >60 hi-tech companies in Vancouver, BC as CFO, COO, strategic advisor, Corporate Secretary. Invested in several start-ups.

ID 173571

Daniel Wattier

Founder @imstar-therapeutics, @valocor-therapeutics • Worked at @johnson-johnson, @merck-co • Studied at @university-of-western-ontario

ID 116513

James Taylor


Online Education Entrepreneur, Marketer and Dealmaker.

ID 132698

Alex Chuang

Founder and CEO at (acquired by LX Ventures), Managing Director at Launch Academy, Co-Founder of Safe, Membr, Emberyl Creative, UBC MM

ID 90086

Jason Billingsley

Ecommerce entrepreneur & advisor. Co-founder of Enterprise Ecommerce Platform vendor @elastic-path-software.

ID 11978

Musaddeq Khan (MK)

Founder @verdeeco, @prominus CEO co-founder @pliant-labs Strategy and Marketing consultant @clevest-solutions @best-buy

ID 28049

Alan Albert


Entrepreneur, Innovator, Advisor. Founder of three successful software companies including FileMaker, acquired by @apple.

ID 304992

Adam (AJ) Steeves


Googler, legal dabbler, software guy, investor, recording artist, agile coach and all around nice guy. Designed the mobile apps for Starbucks and Nike+.

ID 89703

Colin How

Startup Executive. Board Member. Entrepreneur. Angel Investor. Builder of Great Teams and Great Products. Strategic Business Transformation.

ID 251583

Miguel Bremer W.

Co-Founder & Chief Catalyst @stratavox. Mentor @endeavor, Startup Insights @StartupCanada. MBA Finance & Investments @harvard Business School

ID 48275

Alan Seiffert

Founder @seiffert-media-advisors • Worked at NBCUniversal, NBA, Fox. Studied at Michigan Law.

ID 123584

Mike Tan

COO @ChangeHeroes, Founder & Chairman @teampages, Founder @ForTwoPlease and startup advisor in between surfing sets and yoga sessions

ID 678898

Ray Frank

ID 269682

Keith Ippel

Founder of @spring, a purpose driven activator; raised over $16M in angel $ VC funding. Passionate about purpose, converging impact with for profit businesses

ID 67401

Stephen Beck

Founder & CEO of Engine Digital. Creative, Technologist, Marketing Strategist, Entrepreneur. 14+ years working in digital, 10 years running a digital agency.

ID 103790

Meredith J. Powell

Creator, Connector & Sometime CEO. Co-Founder of The Next Big Thing Foundation. Passionate activist & speaker for women in tech & entrepreneurship.

ID 114620

Andrew Wright

Focusing on identifying and working with Technology based Startups, bringing Creativity with practicality, vision with experience. The best of both worlds

ID 89747

Ryan Jones

Chief Executive Officer - Starscriber Co-Founder of @mymobilecoverage Successful exit with @sirf-technology (IPO) Angel Investor

ID 218514

Nick Bouton

Indie front-end/UX developer. Principal at @taunt-media, founder of @protagonize, organizer of @VancouverCX, new dad. Community, webdev, standards & hockey.

ID 139041

Jason Hari


Founder at @global-coupon. 22+ years' @proven domestic/international success with Fortune 500 private and public sector within CPG, software and @real-estate.

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