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Map of the local innovation industry.
Meet some of the best and newest startups based in Vancouver.

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ID 133300

Ilya Brotzky

Cornell BS; Cofounder at 2 Education Startups, Corporate Business Development and Growth Hacker, Big Data Marketing Biz Dev at Acxiom

ID 12021

Boris Mann

Founder: @bryght, first commercial business focused on Drupal; @bootup-labs, first Canadian seed accelerator. Now: napkin capital @fullstackventures

ID 275139

Ben Watson

Maker. Marketer. Musician. Motorcyclist.

ID 405170

taylor loren

Content, Community, and Social

ID 29848

Yurii Rashkovskii

Co-founded, @Spawngrid, @railsware. Open Source developer. Public speaker. Multidisciplinarian. Cryptocurrencies aficionado

ID 152456

James Clift

Founder KarmaHire • Worked at @dundee-securities • Studied at @university-of-british-columbia

ID 450436

Brandon Strong

Business Developer at PayrollHero

ID 537429

Justin Goodhew

CEO of UBC BCom, Started company right out of graduation, secured funding in November 2013, Startup Camp at Plug and Play Tech Center

ID 217080

Yuliya Inopina


•Corporate Communications, Marketing, PR and Business Development Consultant at Investments Marketing PR (public and private sectors). aka Social Media Guru :)

ID 58959

Matthew Howard

Business Development at FanCake by Kwater

ID 63214

Faruk Ateş

Founder of @presentate. Frmly UI+UX at @apple, Product Designer at @apture (acq. by @google), creator of Modernizr (used on 800k+ sites globally).

ID 284379

Matthew Carlson

ID 298186

Jacquie Scarlett

12 years of Sales and Business Management experience in SaaS Software, Wireless and Retail

ID 161570

Mack Flavelle

The mobile Internet gets me really jazzed up. Big fan of Games. I talk a lot.

ID 158121

Jaime Bueza

Software Engineer and Growth Hacker

ID 151559

Rahul Parmar

Co-Founder @lighthouse-labs-1, investor @retsly (acq @zillow), @picatic and @careguide. Former consultant turned entrepreneur building tools for SMBs.

ID 5876

Stephen Duke


Founder @mashpotato @george-5 • Studied at @university-of-guelph, @george-5 Brown

ID 300202

Joel Greensite

Technophile with big systems experience applied to brand new start-ups and established enterprises. Loves making a difference in sales, delivery and strategy.

ID 129730

Michael Wei

Director, Marketing & Partnerships @rentmoola. Strong background in Sales & Marketing Worked at @strutta, @best Buy @lamar-advertising • Studied at @royal-roads-university

ID 116513

James Taylor


Online Education Entrepreneur, Marketer and Dealmaker.

ID 250688

Herman Chandi

VP Biz Dev @procurify. Startups, Business Development, Finance - taking startups from seed to scale

ID 132698

Alex Chuang

Founder and CEO at (acquired by LX Ventures), Managing Director at Launch Academy, Co-Founder of Safe, Membr, Emberyl Creative, UBC MM

ID 535830

Nate Raine

Marketing Guru, previous Microsoft and Sony team member now working in the startup world.

ID 74808

Lisa Cheng

• Worked at @sap, @adp • Studied at @university-of-victoria

ID 327707

John Mohr

Educator and emerging Start-up Generalist. Full of ideas for business ideas and products. Simon Fraser University M.Ed. 2009. Science guy.

ID 289967

Maxwell Reilly

Biz Dev at truBrain

ID 154677

Shawn Kalin


Founder @allberta-com, Customerge • Worked at @intercell, @venturesource • Studied at @university-of-victoria

ID 316782

Ryan Iacoviello

Media Merchants assistant to CEO, Launch Academy Marketing intern, Business Development, HelpHub Marketing Manager.

ID 525528

Jimmy Lin

Worked at @pixelmatic, @tpk-touch-solutions • Studied at @university-of-victoria

ID 107427

Jeff Blake

Founder @goodnights-1 . Full stack & business. Spearfisher. SCUBA Instructor

ID 136729

Kamil Szybalski

CEO & Co-founder @dudepins @discovle | Marketing, Product, Business Development & Strategy Specialist.

ID 121804

Matthew Horne


Sales @clio Founder @mh-solutions-canada • Studied at @university-of-british-columbia-1 @ku-leuven

ID 114620

Andrew Wright

Focusing on identifying and working with Technology based Startups, bringing Creativity with practicality, vision with experience. The best of both worlds

ID 333259

Ryan St. Germaine

Founder Jobcast

ID 167219

Bradley Roulston

Studied at @brock-university

ID 48275

Alan Seiffert

Founder @seiffert-media-advisors • Worked at NBCUniversal, NBA, Fox. Studied at Michigan Law.

ID 57449

Edward Chan

BizDev for startups. Corp Dev+Partnerships at BlackBerry. Engineer-by-training.

ID 548936

David Xin

I am currently part of an innovative team that provides cloud-based web and social media archiving solutions!

ID 283214

Erik Ashdown

Marketed stuff, sold stuff, and then helped people turn their ideas into actions. Am now heeding my own advice.

ID 392728

Amaan Nathoo

CEO at Soko • Former Sales and Business Development Master. Passionate about tech and helping people find their ideal job.

ID 260075

Howard Wu

M&A across China, US and Canada, Executive and Startup founder, strong business background with technology vision.

ID 685531

chris d

Strong business and technology leader. Background @ IBM, Accenture, Hexacta ( McKinsey & Accenture startup) & Central 1 leading SaaS online banking. Fast Paced.

ID 136731

Colin Brown

CEO & Co-founder @beheld-technologies-inc

ID 13670

Darrell Ellens in Vancouver

President od the Daily Deal Industry Association & Inbound Marketing Association! A new breed of associations for a new breed of marketers.

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