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Map of the local innovation industry.
Meet some of the best and newest startups based in Vancouver.

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ID 108851

Kyle Campbell


Co-Founder of @retsly. Full Stack Hacker from Vancouver Canada. Software is a symptom of entrepreneurial spirit.

ID 144834

Amir Ziai


Founder @invesd, investor, developer

ID 614579

Mark Val

GM Europe PlayFab. Opened offices for @unity & @ubisoft. Ran multimillion user online projects. Entrepreneur, award-winning developer with 15 years of experience.

ID 93950

Ben Komalo

Software Engineer at @khan-academy

ID 301488

Charles Iliya Krempeaux

Technology leadership. Strong software engineering & research b/g. Builder of teams. Formal b/g in computer science & math. Created 1st company in University.

ID 66457

Jeff LaPorte

CEO & Co-Founder at @rewardloop. Co-Founded @eqo-communications. Signed up 2MM+ mobile users before app stores existed. MIT Tech Review TR35.

ID 131158

Dmytro Dvynyaninov

Technology Entrepreneur with 8 years of professional experience in FinTech

ID 78013

Dave Johnson


Co-founder/CTO @nitobi-software (acq'd by @adobe). Worked on @phonegap-1 and @robotreplay (acq'd by @foresee-results). PhD, investor, father, and lover of beer.

ID 11360

Francois Laberge

Founded @emotely (Acquired by @brass-monkey Inc.). Senior Game Engine Architect turned HTML5 Developer & Evangelist.

ID 75601

Trevor Orsztynowicz

Founder at @caliper-io; Director of Product at @joyent ; Founder @layerboom (now part of Joyent)

ID 96216

Jeremy Baker (Hubert)

Co-Founder of @mightyhive, @SupporterWall, and others. First startup in 2000. @yahoo alum. Early-stage advisor. Developer. Husband. Makes impossible possible.

ID 45765

Daniel Mathews


Co-Founder + iOS Developer @theplayapp. Formerly on BI Team @hootsuite. Love to see creativity in action.

ID 244016

Satyam Patel


Practicing orthopedic hand surgeon. Investor in several small companies.

ID 27989

Brian LeRoux

SPACELORD!!1! @adobe-systems formerly @nitobi-software mostly working on @phonegap-2 aka the @apache-software-foundation project Cordova

ID 34221

T. Nguyen

currently @caarbon , built @axiom-zen , @zenhub • worked at @wanelo , @etsy , @threadsy • Studied at @louisiana-tech-university

ID 166375

Andy Peatling engineer, open source developer, and bogey golfer.

ID 231019

Yuriy Dybskiy

Founder @markup4u • Worked at @unbounce, @playhaven • Studied at @national-kharkiv-university

ID 63214

Faruk Ateş

Founder of @presentate. Frmly UI+UX at @apple, Product Designer at @apture (acq. by @google), creator of Modernizr (used on 800k+ sites globally).

ID 86997

Emily Ma


Chief of Staff at @pch-international

ID 151334

Boris Lau

Founder Pathful • Worked at @sophos, @silkstart-technology

ID 152829

Jim Pick

Vancouver. SSJSer.

ID 135618

Rob Sandhu

iOS Developer

ID 106637

Tom Chung

Worked at @trulioo • Studied at @british-columbia-institute-of-technology-1

ID 158121

Jaime Bueza

Software Engineer and Growth Hacker

ID 194682

Jeff Day

CTO of Eruptive Games; Software at Sitemasher, acquired by Software guy at Motivus, aquired by Citrix Systems.

ID 110734

Miguel Kudry

21-year-old web entrepreneur, Founder and CEO of HelpHub.

ID 218471

Adarsh Pallian


CEO/Co-founder of @trippeo. Previously founded Geotoko (acquired by @hootsuite)

ID 76163

Vincent Cheung

Founder and CEO of Loupe / @shape-collage. PhD Comp. Eng. Univ. Toronto in Machine Learning and Computer Vision. Worked at Google and Microsoft Research.

ID 59825

Marcin Popielarz


Tech Lead @mybesthelper , Co-Founder of (@niania-pl) Strong IT background, T-Shaped, Studied @warsaw-university-of-technology

ID 571491

Andrew Martens

Full-stack developer / team lead

ID 172159

Mike Holly

Self-taught, full-stack engineer, who loves what he does. Currently CTO @strutta.

ID 76160

Andrei Soare

Co-founder of @sunnytrail. Worked at @google & @nokia.

ID 300202

Joel Greensite

Technophile with big systems experience applied to brand new start-ups and established enterprises. Loves making a difference in sales, delivery and strategy.

ID 431123

Weichen Wang

ID 201041

Adrian Unger

CTO @ecquire . Interested in social and environmental justice, nature, birding, farming, web development, javascript, open source. Resilience in everything.

ID 138370

Arash Afrooze

Founder and CTO @hiretheworld-com • Worked at @pwgsc • Studied at @simon-fraser-university. Full stack developer with management and executive skills.

ID 76162

Vlad Berteanu

Co-founder of @sunnytrail, worked at @google and @bitdefender

ID 72671

Nick Cairns

Co-Founder @wantering. UX designer and frontend architect that has built interfaces for HTML5 mobile, natural language search, and high-traffic syndication.

ID 70602

Kalvir Sandhu

Co-Founder of @caliper-io; Co-Founder @gofreerange; Led development on products for Thomson Reuters, GE, @telefonica & @twitterfeed. BSc Computer Science.

ID 292625

Justin Vaillancourt

Passionate about startups and code. Coding professionally since junior year of high school. Globetrotter; very amateur photographer; fluent in French & English.

ID 23757

Tom Carchrae

I build technology to enable people to make better decisions. PhD (Machine Learning & Optimization)

ID 118937

Numan Sachwani

Co-Founder and CTO -

ID 191137

Luke Chesser

Product Designer @crew • Studied Engineering at @mcgill-university

ID 210444

Marc Kuo

Founder of @routific • Full-stack dev @axiom-zen • MSc in Operations Research • Equity Trader at @ubs-investment-bank, @capgemini-consulting

ID 163158

Rafael Chacon

A Rails developer passionate in technology trends, literature, paint, arts... And lately, a clojure padawan.

ID 29848

Yurii Rashkovskii

Co-founded, @Spawngrid, @railsware. Open Source developer. Public speaker. Multidisciplinarian. Cryptocurrencies aficionado

ID 260070

Godfrey Chan

Founder @caliper-io • @open-source-1 Contributor • Worked at @ibm, @microsoft, @paystack • Did @computer-science & @cognitive-science at @simon-fraser-university

ID 693790

Aaron Dufall

ID 474135

Ryan A Booth

Full-stack dev. I love making APIs, AngularJS apps and coffee. Lots of coffee.

ID 388437

Philip Jama

Studied at @university-of-waterloo

ID 252435

Ola Wiberg

Software engineer @humanapi . Built security systems used by the Department of Homeland Security. Hardware hacker.

ID 20501

Stephen Belanger

Node.JS Developer at NodeFly/StrongLoop, previously at a YC company called Opzi. Interested in machine learning, WebRTC, PaaS architecture and startups!

ID 335334

Tommy Chan

Worked at @electronic-arts, @dell, @venuespot • Studied at @university-of-british-columbia, CS / Psychology. Geek, organizer & presenter at meetups.

ID 90687

Steve McKenzie

I build stuff and ride bicycles.

ID 311632

Tim Harris

Founder @bluebat-games • Worked at @electronic-arts, @criterion-software

ID 238370

Geoffrey Tisserand

Software Engineer @axiom-zen, Founder @zenhub and @limezy, master in CS from @utbm

ID 168516

Mark Slemko

Worked at @grantoo, Blitzoo, Coole-Immersive, EventIQ, Chrome, @radical-entertainment • Degree from University of Lethbridge

ID 220167

Jan-Paul Azucena

Android Developer @grantoo. 6 years experience in end-to-end Mobile Application development. Currently specializing on the Android platform.

ID 673445

Manikandan Viswanathan

UBC Software Systems Grad, exploring ways to improve software quality delivered t

ID 76167

Mike Wu

CTO of Loupe, PhD in computer science; HCI researcher, worked in tech industry and research labs across US and Canada

ID 286642

David Rossellat

Technophile, recent SFU eMBA grad, strong background in delivery and strategy. Recently launched 2 cloud apps on python, built twilio prototype end to end, scaled out engineering teams, worked at EA, blastradius

ID 44833

Shashi Kant

@massachusetts-institute-of-technology & MIT-Sloan Alum, MS Engineering & Management, Researcher at CSAIL.

ID 276194

Fabiano PS

Ordering bytes and pixels for positive impact

ID 7679

Eric Brooke

Leader, veteran strategist, full stack developer, entrepreneur & communications expert

ID 339507

Salehen Rahman

I write code.

ID 134347

Florent Lamoureux

lead front-end dev @bugbuster , mobile dev, freelance teacher and sencha touch author

ID 152560

Maxime Parmentier

Maxime Parmentier, Front-end Development Director at I'm coding everyday with Javascript, Backbone.js, CSS3 and many HTML5 technologies. Know NodeJS, Python and PHP. Studied web development and marketing.

ID 62305

Dobes Vandermeer

Technical Director

ID 224597

Brendan Mulholland

Lead dev at @contractually, worked at @indochino • B.Ap.Sc. Engineering Physics from @university-of-british-columbia

ID 175462

Luke Vivier

JavaScript, JavaScript, JavaScript. Employee #1 at Retsly.

ID 79171

Ibrahim Muhammad

Rubyist. Engineer. Thinker.

ID 134416

Patrick Chin

Mobile Developer at Grantoo. Cofounder and Lead Developer at AppSocial. BSc Cmpt Sci.

ID 185711

Owen Mead-Robins

Designer | Developer | Doer

ID 496502

Ali Yazdani

Keep showing up to the party

ID 346492

Marc Sibson

Full Stack Django @tindie

ID 24985

André LeBlanc


Founder and CTO of Sky Motion Research. Founding Member Discreet Logic (IPO, subsequently acquired by Autodesk). Director of Technology at Ubisoft.

ID 274981

Arthur Gonigberg

Extensive experience developing test-driven, maintainable, readable code – concentrating on large-scale web applications, web services and distributed systems.

ID 261998

David Ingle

Mobile Lead at Invoke Labs. Founder of Orange Pco. BSc in Computer Science from the University of Victoria (Emphasis in Software Engineering)

ID 387626

Chris Greenwood

Founder @bidwars • Working at @retsly. "If you don't work you don't eat, you don't grind you don't shine" - M. Jones

ID 553131

Jeremy Kotai

A programmer who has launched multiple well-received iOS and Facebook applications. Also an accomplished graphic artist that understands layout and proper UX.

ID 57487

Arash Sanieyan

Hackerpreneur, co-founder of @anahita ™ social networking platform and PurpleRat Tribe. We are specialized in mobile apps and social networking technologies

ID 343058

Mohamed Alborno

Founder @crowdsway, Filmmaker, Engineer and Marketer. 4th Place Winner of Startup Weekend and Patent Pending.

ID 201461

Sunny Vardhan Mahajan

Biosignal Analyst at @om-signal. Worked at @canassist • Studied at @university-of-victoria. Patents in EEG and Gait analysis. Facial - EMG based HCI.

ID 172538

Keith Bingman

Worked at @invisible-gmbh, @simplificator-gmbh • Studied at @university-of-washington, @cornish-college-of-the-arts

ID 106069

Suman Mukherjee

Senior Software Developer at Ruby on Rails hacker and javascript pro. Lean and agile enthusiast. Social animal.

ID 174361

Allan Mercado

Engineering @playyon-inc, CTO @suite101, SW Lead Darelle, co-founder CollabVillage, Eng: Tantalus, ActiveTelco(acq), Touchwave(acq) | @university-of-manitoba

ID 64607

Evan Haveman

Lead developer at @spacelist. Been writing code since before it was cool.

ID 534707

Woojun Chang

Software Engineer @wantering

ID 218071

Devin McInnis

Front-end developer at @axiom-zen; proficient in puck handling and stick skills

ID 200887

Boris Smus

Interaction research engineer working on Chrome. Previously at Apple.

ID 362892

Chris McGuire

Developer & Digital Strategist. Technical Lead at Brightkit

ID 42484

Parveen Kaler

Previously, Director of Development at Previously, developer at Relic Entertainment & Slant Six Games (Company of Heroes, SOCOM)

ID 532498

Ke Yao (Derek) Li

CS, social sciences student at UofT, graduating June 2014. Interned as full-stack developer in summer 2013.

ID 11057

Jason "Jay" Holtslander

Vice-President @codecore-bootcamp-2

ID 39687

Ron Ilan

Founder & Sole Developer/Designer @placeunit • Worked at @the-walt-disney-company • Studied at @tel-aviv-university University

ID 57863

Lee Johnson

Founder | CEO -, Former senior aviation manager, 20 years as a commercial pilot, Software engineer, Founder Institute grad.

ID 132131

Cameron Johnson

Support Engineer at @lemonstand • Studied at @university-of-british-columbia

ID 304767

Ben Peters

Cofounded Petromedia Ltd in 2001, leading website for the global marine fuel market, Ben holds a Masters degree in Advanced Computer Science.

ID 301618

Eric Lin

UBC B.Sc Mathematics, UWindsor M.Sc Statistics. Statistician who knows Ruby on Rails, Javascript and other web dev tools. Competitive online gamer.

ID 300439

Cong Ly

CTO @pixelmatic, technical director, TCP/IP ninja, cross-platform game developer, and entrepreneur. BSc & MSc specialized in Distributed Multimedia Systems.

ID 319757

Rafe Hatfield

Product development specialist with 15 years of experience in high pressure, start-up environments. Firm believer in the power of great process.

ID 172331

Jean-Marc Skopek

First employee at @Top Hat Monocle, now working with @sokanu to help people discover their passions. Passionate in using tech for good, as well as good techno.

ID 57367

Rastin Mehr

Hackerpreneur, Co-Founder of @anahita, @purplerat, @rmdstudio, @tinyrecipe

ID 108495

Noah Bloom

Mobile entrepreneur & tech anthropologist. CEO @jiber, founding team @Blueslice, Harvard/H150, race bikes for @lgevolution, adventure skier, guitar slayer

ID 491969

Steve Gao

Backend generalist; Problem solver & executor. Detail-oriented, driven, passionate, chill • Worked at @indochino, @blast-radius • MSc at UBC, BSc at Dalhousie

ID 378212

Johnson Yang

Lead developer @bluebat-games. Currently working on developing Facebook apps and games and exploring different social channels it has to offer.

ID 102319

Ronan O'Malley

Machine learning engineer at Intel. CEO at @fixational

ID 107427

Jeff Blake

Founder @goodnights-1 . Full stack & business. Spearfisher. SCUBA Instructor

ID 166186

Oleg Bilozor

CTO and Co-Founder of @tago. Strong software engendering background. 1st startup turned to be profitable.

ID 303891

Vincent Chu

UBC CS. Full Stack Web Developer. UI/UX Designer. Founded and sold NPO Crowdfunding company in 24 months

ID 257167

Conrad Petzsch-Kunze

Founder @cartching • Studied at @bachelor-of-information-technology-comp-sci-software-dev-majors-griffith-university

ID 391837

Gregory Tandiono

Worked at @ogilvy, @avioc-studios-indonesia-http-www-avioc-com • Studied at @georgia-state-university

ID 127537

Laura Aslan

Co-Founder at Mini Checkout

ID 192817

Muskie Mckay

Developer with MBA, solid coding experience in Objective-C, Java, and PHP.

ID 137024

Bram Whillock

Bram Whillock

ID 64877

Calvin Chun-yu Chan

Designer, UI Engineer, UX Advocate, Digital Illustrator, Sketchnoter.

ID 167510

Joshua Hansen

Worked at @r-ga with @nike, @mastercard and @nokia making things happen.

ID 154677

Shawn Kalin


Founder @allberta-com, Customerge • Worked at @intercell, @venturesource • Studied at @university-of-victoria

ID 420380

Tyler Kellogg

Waterloo CS, full stack polyglot, worked at Microsoft and Amazon; now loving the startup space!

ID 139019

Sean Mitchell

Interactive Designer based in Vancouver, British Columbia.

ID 253811

David Wen

Full-stack web and app developer, ex-management consultant (KPMG), entrepreneur with current and past startup experience (,

ID 292243

Bio Cho

Co-Founder @truth, @foro • CS at @university-of-british-columbia

ID 68055

Jeff Horton

Worked at @contractually, @blitzoo

ID 157341

Neil Kandalgaonkar

I helped make that thing you like on the Internet. Google,, Flickr, Wikipedia.

ID 171199

George Delaportas


Entrepreneur, co-founded Pandoo TEK, founded localhost Ltd., executive in various companies and security expert, contributor @ EU and global projects.

ID 218514

Nick Bouton

Indie front-end/UX developer. Principal at @taunt-media, founder of @protagonize, organizer of @VancouverCX, new dad. Community, webdev, standards & hockey.

ID 173497

Nicklaus Liow

I've made Flash & HTML5 games gaining millions of plays and revenue in the tens of thousands. Not bad for someone who skipped past high school.

ID 166271

Kamil Sikorski

MBA at @university-of-british-columbia Bachelor of Computing at @university-of-guelph

ID 379494

Ignacio Rodriguez

Software Engineer, localized an existing game, converted one to iPad and launched a new SKU

ID 159553

hamilton verissimo

@iqmetrix / ex-MSFT / Castle Project founder / perfectionist by trade / INTJ / musician / Buddhism reader

ID 94671

Matt Payne

Software Development Professional

ID 490935

Vladimir Karukes

Founder Lost Elefant Technologies Inc. • Worked at @western-union-business-solutions • Studied at @rostov-state-university, @university-of-bremen

ID 89876

Enrico Icardi

CPO & Co-Founder @sharedesk 8+ years Front-end/ Back-end engineering. Collaborative Consumption Enthusiast.

ID 128562

Richard Eriksson

Drupal mechanic with @chapter-three. Really into baseball.

ID 475305

Gary Fung

Founder, CEO of @isohunt-inc for the past 11 years.

ID 471001

Ian Wojtowicz

Graduate school at MIT. Worked at the CBC. Runs successful consulting business.

ID 391059

Joshua Chan

CTO at Tangoo. U of Waterloo CS Grad 2008. Worked at a number of start-ups as well as Business Objects (now SAP), IBM Deutschland, and CIBC.

ID 129037

Ryan Ilg

Software Developer at @allur-group, Architect of @spark-crm, Wizard of all things code.

ID 357338

Devlon Duthie

Full stack generalist, knows of many ways to get shit done - picks the most appropriate tools for the job at hand.

ID 662797

Shanna Wang

McGill CS student, UI/UX Front-End Design & Full Stack Developer

ID 29870

Vish Talreja

Founder @beamm • Worked at @microsoft, @razorfish • Studied at @clemson-university, @illinois-state-university

ID 483003

Ian Smith

Junior developer at Spark CRM. Co-Founder at Fetch.

ID 243404

Arthur Miyazaki

CTO & Co-founder @dudepins, @discovle | 8+ years technology leader & solutions architect. Previously at, Google, Apple, Microsoft, Blackberry

ID 120778

Taylor Harwin

Software engineer with a background in social media policy. Pursuing user-focused front-end engineering opportunities in Vancouver, BC.

ID 180960

Saeid Fard

Full-stack (django/JS/HTML/CSS) product guy with deep analytics and strategy background. I enjoy leading teams to build beautiful, usable, and useful products.

ID 212259

Paul Kalupnieks

Full-Stack Engineer with 15 years experience. Ruby, Rails, Javascript and a keen eye for UX and design

ID 467892

Jason Mullings

Worked at @electronic-arts, @the-walt-disney-company • Studied at @heriot-watt-university

ID 114034

Shawn O'Neill

Co-Founder @funl • Worked at @verafin, @alcatel-lucent, @logitech • Studied at @memorial-university-of-newfoundland. Outgoing, outspoken and Outdoorsy.

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